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Romans 15:13   May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.             


Headed for the day

Of work and deadlines to meet.

Pray to Jesus there.

Every time you slip,

Tangled in expectations

Hold to Jesus there.

Reach for His strong hand.

On the steepest hardest path,

Uphold Jesus there.

Guided to God’s peace,

Hoping to catch a quick breath.

Trusting Jesus there.

Hope for burdened souls

Enveloped in stormy times.

Stop for Jesus there.

Trembling, seeking God,

On a strange and rugged path.

Rest in Jesus there,

Moving fear to faith.













Making disciples

Answering the call of Christ

Keeper of God’s truth

Invite compassion

Not leaving it to others

Give God’s love yourself


Do the Gospel work

Imitator of His love

Serving Jesus well

Christ living through me

I can trust God’s saving grace

Puts away my sin

Live for Christ’s passion

Everyone is called to serve

See Christ work in you

God’s Work


Abundantly loving all who seek truth

Bringing sweet fellowship as worshipers pray

Covering prayers with the fragrance of peace

Delighted with those who reach out to love

Evidence of hearts that understand grace

Faithful in failure and seeking out hope

Giving His presence that comforts and heals

Hovering over the one who is lost

Introducing salvation in a dark world

Justified by the One who is perfect

Kindness is revealed in Christ’s sacrifice

Lighting the path back to safety and faith

Merciful Messiah always within

New words of His wisdom and mercy to hear

Obedience will bless pure hearts with joy

Praise is the response that will move mountains

Quietly waiting for God’s graceful touch

Reverent eyes carefully watch His face

Salvation is found in His sacrifice

Truth appears and now freedom wins the crown

Uncompromised in beauty and promise

Victorious Savior has ransomed me

Worthy of worship the cross made Him King

Xtreem love cancelled the burden of sin

Yearning for light to overshadow dark

Zealous that His truth would smother the lie


Expecting Easter



Easter joy abounds

Xtra prayers and songs of praise

Pleasing to His heart

Expecting His grace

Carefully waiting on God

To awaken me

Inviting me close

Near enough to trust Christ’s love

Given free to me

Enter His passion

Alive and strong to secure

Salvation for all

To save those who will

Enter His presence with a

Resurrected heart

Stepping Forward


Searching for God’s path

Take His outstretched hand in mine

Entering new days

Prayer becomes my guide

Preparing me for blessing

If I heed His words

Now is time for hope

God will strengthen those He calls

Faith will be my sight

On paths where He leads

Rest and safety cover me

When I see God’s grace

And doors will open

Righting wrongs, moving mountains

Daring me to trust

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will

Hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Is. 30:21

Susan Kendall 2-6-17

Savior In A Manger


Son of God Most High
Angels sing the Savior’s song
Visions of God’s love
In a dusty stall
On a Holy Baby’s head
Rests the Light of God
Inviting lost souls
Needy, searching, grieving ones
A blessed word of hope
Messiah offers
A message of holy love
Now made known to all
God’s Son clothed in flesh
Each day speaks the Living Word
Raising death to life

Susan Kendall