Month: June 2017

Open Doors

Open Doors

God doesn’t open doors on demand.  He opens doors for His purposes. Years ago I desperately wanted to change my teaching situation. I came across a job opening that appeared absolutely perfect. It mirrored exactly what I envisioned my next career step might be. I was thrilled. I could use the skills I was best at and enjoyed most. This match was too great not to pursue. I visualized all the ideas and experience I could offer in my new assignment as a reading specialist as if I were already there. I prayed for Jesus to guide me during the interview and to provide that job for me. Friends prayed with me to affirm that this was what God would choose for me. One dear wise friend prayed that God would open the door to the place He intended for me to be and that I would feel His presence wherever He placed me. I was so disappointed that she didn’t ask God to provide me the specific teaching position I wanted. My other friends prayed that I would be given what I desired. She prayed only for God’s will. Later I came to understand that she was able to seek the Lord for me in a more accepting manner and honor His sovereignty.

The teaching job went to someone else. I was entrusted with an enduring lesson about God’s provision and patience with me. He worked in and through me while I remained in my familiar classroom environment. A beautiful 3 year old child from Ireland joined my class the next year. Donnacha immediately stole a piece of my heart. He displayed developmental delays and was not yet speaking. He was busy, curious, and noisy. My experience showed me that despite delays Donnacha was an exceptionally bright child who would flourish given correct teaching methods. The Lord brought this family here for 2 years on a work exchange with Intel. Donnacha’s parents expressed concern about the stigma and prejudice he could face when they returned to Ireland. God gave me two years with Donnacha in my classroom. He returned to Ireland to join his typical peers in a regular school program.  God opened a door for Donnacha and for me to display His compassion for us both.

Because I love Jesus, my life and teaching career are not directed by my will alone. I praise God that He didn’t allow me to walk through doors without Him. He had His hand on marvelous details that He alone orchestrated behind the scenes. Growing up in faith gave me the understanding that it isn’t my own work but rather His work that pleases Him most and opens the door to His blessing.



Susan Kendall is a retired elementary special education teacher. She writes and then re-writes again and again. She especially enjoys poetry and memoir and desires to honor the Lord in every piece. She attended the 2015 Class seminars Contreat and meets with a Christian writers critique group in Albuquerque. You can visit her blog at