Month: February 2016

Everyday Faith

Each of us make daily decisions about fear and faith. I strive to live by everyday faith.

Everyday faith appreciates that the sun comes up every morning. The beautiful bright yellow glow that pleases and teases your eyes awake. A blazing warm ball of fire that makes your skin tingle. Today is waiting. The sun promises a fresh start.

Everyday faith understands that truth is stronger than falsehood. Truth us unyielding. It will chisel through dense layers of lies like water through sandstone cliffs until it is visible and acknowledged. People rejoice when truth is proclaimed.

Everyday faith recognizes that the welcome smile of a worthy friend can be trusted. No need to take cover behind a mask and pretend. Your “real” is cherished and is good enough. The gift of safety and acceptance for those who are wise and receive it.

Everyday faith realizes that love overrules fear. A father’s love pushes beyond fear as he rushes into a house engulfed in flames to rescue his daughter left trapped inside. Jesus our Savior stands before God to give His life to rescue believers from the penalty of sin.

Everyday faith acknowledges that a person’s worth is given by their Creator and not determined by status, wealth, or beauty to be judged by another. Value is created in fellowship alone with God. His words speak of love and become a treasured gift that continues to live and dwell deep within you.

Everyday faith meets despair with courage and faces the dark with the light of God within. God’s love becomes the harness and rope securing me as I inch up the sheer rocky cliff. God’s face shines to guide me safely out of the canyon of despair.

Everyday faith knows that success is determined more by His spirit than by abilities or intellect. True success is not about what you do. Success comes from what God does in you. Acknowledge that every breath you take is a gift given by the God who made you.

Everyday faith patiently waits for tears to turn to laughter and sadness to give way to joy. In faith we see a piece of what God envisions and experience His goodness in hard times. God’s presence leaves gifts of gladness and a spirit filled with peace as we abide in Him.

Strive to live by everyday faith … everyday.

And the apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.”  Luke 17:5 NIV